Đèn Led AMBEE, giải pháp chiếu sáng nhà xưởng, công nghiệp. Gọi 0909.780.108 để nhận tư vấn miễn phí. Introduction
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AMBEE Lighting Group is a company specializing in producing, supplying and consulting solutions for energy saving lighting for factories, factories, warehouses, buildings, offices ...

We are the only manufacturer of LED lighting that uses only the unique LED EPistar, Philips and Led Control Circuits manufactured by AMBEE to ensure high quality requirements. AMBEE company fully meet the demand of lighting such as: Led flashlights, Led flashlights, Led street lights, Led tubes, Led waterproof IP65-IP67, Led panel light, Led sewing machine, Lamp Led Ceiling, Led Bulb, Downlight Led ...

The professional lighting items of the company include:

- Lighting workshops, processing plants, warehouses.

- Lighting public buildings, landscapes, yards, yards.

- Illumination of roads, streets, alleys, internal roads of factories and industrial zones.

- Lighting of football pitches, stadiums, multipurpose sports halls, overpass courts, badminton courts, table tennis, swimming pools ...

* Especially, AMBEE Company has successfully produced High Frequency Lamp (Magnetic Lamp) from high technology products with longevity and optimum energy saving ability has been trusted by many partners, Typical of the Coca-Cola Company in Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City.