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Induction Lamp Explosion Proof EX 113
Induction Lamp Explosion Proof EX 113

Induction Lamp Explosion Proof EX 113

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Sales policy

  • Free: consulting on designing energy saving lighting solutions.
  • Free: 100% of the cost of the product trial.
  • Free: City shipping. HCM within 10km.
  • Free: Suburban shipping with purchase of more than 200 sets
  • Warranty: from 3 to 5 years depending on the product
  • Maintenance: Periodic product inspection at the factory every 3 - 6 months.

Specifications Of Induction Lamp Explosion Proof:

- Voltage: 110V-220V / 50-60Hz

- Nominal Power: 85W~150W

- Temp.Color: 3000K-6500K

- Working Temperature: -20 °C - + 50 °C

- Life Time: 60.000h - 100.000h

- Power factor:> 0.98

- Materials: Body aluminum alloy steel, heat-resistant glass lid and protective steel ring around the cap (see picture)

- Warranty: 3 years

- Made In: AMBEE-VN

Benefits Of Induction Lamp Explosion Proof:

-Long lifespan: saves on maintenance cost/expenses

* Normal lifespan: 100.000 hours (within 50% of initial lumens)

* Service lifespan: 60.000 hours (within 70% of initial lumens)

-Energy saving (cuts down energy consumption of the existing discharge lamp by 30-60%).

-Natural light that comes from true colors (triangular fluorescent material generating 82Ra~90Ra).

-Fast re-strike time: lighting and relighting taking less than 0.01 sec.

-Low operating temperature:

* Temperature of existing discharge lamp: 350°C ~450°C

* AMBEE lighting maximum heating temperature: 90°C ~110°C

-Reduced eye fatigue and damage to crops:

* Minimal eye fatigue and due to lack of flickering

* Less damafe to crops


- Induction lamp explosion proof design and its special structure very suitable environment for use in industries such as petroleum, natural gas production, potentially explosive areas in the warehouse, workshops, petrol stations, factories producing alcohol, timber production factory ...

- Induction lamp explosion was designed to make sure safety, superior aesthetics, heat resistant and explosion-proof when the incident, satisfy the conditions and criteria set by the agencies and fire control launched, the lamp is the best choice for businesses in need.


-With special design and maneuverability, explosion-proof lighting fittings very convenient for installation and maintenance repairs.

After-sales services:

- Warranty 3 years

- Free shipping in the inner city within 10km

- Free shipping in the suburbs with the number 200 ball

- Free consultation on measures to save and to invest savings plan

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