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Induction Lamp Replacement Metal Lamp (P40W~135W)

Induction Lamp Replacement Metal Lamp (P40W~135W)

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Product Specification:


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*Electrical Characteristics:

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*Light Performance Characteristics:

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Features Of Induction Lamp:

-Long lifespan: saves on maintenance cost/expenses

* Normal lifespan: 100.000 hours (within 50% of initial lumens)

* Service lifespan: 60.000 hours (within 70% of initial lumens)

-Energy saving (cuts down energy consumption of the existing discharge lamp by 30-60%).

-Natural light that comes from true colors (triangular fluorescent material generating 82Ra~90Ra).

-Fast re-strike time: lighting and relighting taking less than 0.01 sec.

-Low operating temperature:

* Temperature of existing discharge lamp: 350°C ~450°C

* AMBEE lighting maximum heating temperature: 90°C ~110°C

-Reduced eye fatigue and damage to crops:

* Minimal eye fatigue and due to lack of flickering

* Less damafe to crops


-Components of induction lamp: bulb, power coupler, ballast.

-Induction lamp is mainly used in industry as: highbay light, flood light, explosion light…, public lighting (street light).

After-sales services:

- Warranty 3 years

- Free shipping in the inner city within 10km

- Free shipping in the suburbs with the number 200 ball

- Free consultation on measures to save and to invest savings plan

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