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Integrated LED Waterproof IP67 1,2m/20W

Integrated LED Waterproof IP67 1,2m/20W

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 Technical Specifications LED Waterproof IP67 AMBEE:

Electrical Specifications




100-240V / 50-60Hz

Power factor

> 0.9

Life expectancy


Optical parameters

Brightness (Lm)

1900 - 2200 Lm

Color Temperature (K)


Color rendering (CRI)

> 85Ra

Geometric Parameters


1230x90x79 (mm) 

LED chip

2835 SMD high performance

Number of LED chips

120 Chip inside


Die-cast aluminum body, tempered glass resistance, stainless steel ear, replaceable LED bar easy to use


2 years



* Made of single LED waterproof IP67 AMBEE:

bộ đèn led chống thấm IP67 đơn 20w

- Body and lid: The body of the lamp is made of die-cast aluminum and the lid is made of toughened glass that is both heat resistant and impact resistant with moderate intensity. The lamp body is made of die-cast aluminum that creates a solid structure for the lamp, which also helps to provide a good heat dissipation and stable operation in harsh environments.


- Lamp holder: Made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and highly oxidized when working in wet environments, in some cases with high caustic environments, the ear can hold the lamp can be replaced with plastic ear. Advanced anti-corrosion.


The IP67 integrated waterproof light uses high quality SMD 2835 leds, with good brightness and stable operation when used continuously in factory or factory operating conditions.

  Power supply : This is the second most important part of the LED, it makes the lamp work smoothly, no interference, the frequency of the light emitted or the noise is also due to the source. In addition, the life of the LED chip is also dependent on the power supply. Therefore, in the market today, the same lamp pattern, but the price and quality are different. The main purpose of the power supply is to convert the power consumption of 220V (alternating current) into 12VDC or 24VDC (one-way) power supply to the LED chip.

>>> IP67 waterproof led light is a special product manufactured according to the IP67 waterproofing standard, capable of operating in high humidity environment such as aquatic plants, factory high humidity environment ...

* Advantages and Benefits of Led Waterproof IP67 Ambee:

- The lighting industry has spent more than 120 years developing from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs of all kinds and then for the first simple display leds. In light of the growing trend of technology and towards being friendly and protecting the environment, the advent of LED lighting technology is indeed revolutionizing today's lighting technology. Capturing the latest technological trends in the AMBEE lighting industry, the IP67 waterproof LED family uses the high -performance SMD 2835 chip for high light output and long life.

- The first advantage to mention is the ability to save electricity, LED waterproof IP67 AMBEE can save power up to 80% compared to waterproof lamps using traditional fluorescent lamps. The IP67 AMBEE waterproof LEDs are only available in capacities ranging from 10W-20W, while T8 / T10 fluorescent lamps use 18W-36W fluorescent lamps for T8 fluorescent lamps and 20W-40W fluorescent lamps for fluorescent lamps. Optical T10.

- Next to the active life, LED waterproof IP67 has a high operating time from 30.000h-50.000h. This ensures high economic efficiency because it saves maintenance and maintenance costs for the lighting system.

In addition, the brightness of IP67 AMBEE LED waterproof is also a great advantage, the light used is T8 LED chip uses high performance SMD 2835 chips, these chips are spread evenly along the lamp body to help the ball. High luminous efficiency.

- The special feature of the IP67 LED waterproof AMBEE is that when the lights come on, there is no blinking and no blackouts (not using the mouse and the increase) as the waterproof lamps use fluorescent lamps. Traditional light, the lamp does not cause noise during operation and long luminous reduction.

- Ambee tube lamps do not emit ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays and light materials that are recyclable, user friendly and environmentally friendly.

* Application of Led Waterproof IP67 Ambee:

IP67 waterproof led light with special structure and high quality material, suitable for use in warehouses and production areas in factories such as seafood processing factory, pharmaceutical processing factory , food processing plants, chemical processing plants or beverage factories.

The IP67 AMBEE waterproof led sign has the advantage of saving electricity and special structure so it is suitable for specific industries requiring waterproofing safety for lighting equipment.

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