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SS011 - LED Street Light 30W

SS011 - LED Street Light 30W

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* Technical Specifications LED Street Light SS011 AMBEE:

* Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Street Lights SS011 AMBEE:

- LED lighting technology is a big breakthrough in the lighting industry and is gradually replacing the existing lighting technologies. However, the majority of urban lighting projects in Vietnam today are: highways, internal roads in industrial parks, internal roads within the factory premises and all street systems of the central the urban center is still using the street lighting system using metal ball and high capacity sodium. It is because of this that the cost of lighting accounts for a small percentage of the total cost of the business as well as the cost of lighting cities. Recognizing the urgent need of the power-saving lighting market, AMBEE has launched the SS011 AMBEE of LED street lighting to save electricity and longevity.

The first of its kind, the ss011 AMBEE street light, is capable of saving energy, saving up to 80% energy compared to traditional incandescent lamps and traditional metal lamps, saving over 50% compared to normal energy saving lamps.

Ambee LED Street Light is designed with lamp body made of die-cast aluminum, the outside is painted electrostatic anti-corrosion, smooth surface of the lamp.

The ambient LED illuminator uses light sources from high-end COB LED chips for superior durability and high luminous efficiency, providing near-real-light illumination and non-harmful lighting. . The internal components of the lamp include a driver, combined with a heat sink and integrated heatsink, to give the lamp a longer operating life and longer lamp life.

LED street lighting ss011 AMBEE is unique, beautiful and easy to install. The light-weight, high-strength, and durable, rugged glass housing combines with rugged rubber and moisture resistant IP65 protection.

- The lamp has a very long life, more than 50,000 hours equivalent to 10 years of many times the use of metal lamps and sodium lamps, low light loss of light after the operation time of brightness is still about 70% compared to the original.

AMBEE street lighting LEDs are low around 90 ° C -100 ° C while metal lamps are about 350 ° C -450 ° C, which helps to save not only the lightings but also the air conditioners.

- Environmentally friendly elements are indispensable in AMBEE products. The LED street lamp ss011 AMBEE does not contain lead and mercury, so it does not affect the environment. harm to the eyes. Using AMBEE lights you are contributing to protecting the environment, making our living environment green, cleaner and more beautiful.

* Street LED Street Light Application SS011 AMBEE:

LED street light ss011 AMBEE is suitable for lighting projects of expressway, road system in industrial parks, around the factory area, supermarket, exhibition center ...

* Installation Method:

AMBEE street lighting LEDs are compact and lightweight, so it is very convenient to install, suitable for street lighting with different CIE level and suitable installation height of 6-8m. promote the best lighting effect.

* Aftermath:

- 2 year warranty

- Free transportation in Ho Chi Minh City within 10km

Free shipping in the suburbs with over 200 balloons

- Free consultancy on saving solutions and investment saving plan.

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