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SS017 LED Street Lights 50W
SS017 LED Street Lights 50W
SS017 LED Street Lights 50W

SS017 LED Street Lights 50W

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Sales policy

  • Free: consulting on designing energy saving lighting solutions.
  • Free: 100% of the cost of the product trial.
  • Free: City shipping. HCM within 10km.
  • Free: Suburban shipping with purchase of more than 200 sets
  • Warranty: from 3 to 5 years depending on the product
  • Maintenance: Periodic product inspection at the factory every 3 - 6 months.

*Technical Specifications LED Street Light SS017 AMBEE:

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1. Product structure:

SS017 LED Street Lights 50W

Public lighting systems in Vietnam include highways, internal roads in industrial parks, internal roads within the factory as well as all street systems of major urban centers... Most of them are still using HPS and sodium lamps with high power and energy consumption. This has cost a lot of business and the budget of big cities. AMBEE has launched the SS017 street light line using SMD super bright LEDs with the design and structure to solve the energy saving problem for the enterprise for public lighting:

- LED chip: LED street light (LED street light) SS017 uses high performance COB LED chips, this is a special type of special chip for high power LED lamps, the life of this type of chip is good, but Large dependencies and radiators and power supply boosters. Each COB chip has a standard capacity of 50W, so the heat radiates locally, if the heat dissipation is not good, the LED chip will be dimmed and the color will be reduced very fast and may cause Chip melting.

  So to choose a reputable product for yourself, you should look to reputable manufacturers and get the trust of big companies. This product line of AMBEE has been trusted and used by big customers such as: Tue Minh Steel, Nutifood, Bibica ...

SS017 LED Street Lights 50W


- Increasing LED street light COB (LED street) SS017: This is the second important part of LED light, it helps LED chip to operate stably, without causing interference. In addition, the life of the LED chip also depends on the ballast (power supply). Therefore, why on the market today, the same lamp model, but the price and quality are different.

- The main purpose of the Power Supply Unit is to convert the 220V (AC) consumption power into a 12VDC or 24VDC (one-way) power supply to supply the LED Chip.

- Aluminum housing cover. The power supply cover is intended to protect electronic components inside the power supply, avoiding dust and moisture from entering the board.

- What is more special for this product line is the monolithic molded power supply that has a waterproofing effect and avoids penetration of water and moisture when operating in outdoor environments.

SS017 LED Street Lights 50W


- Radiator for Chip LED street light AMBEE: The radiator is rated as the third most important part of the street light COB LED because it determines the usage time of the Chip. LED chips will lose brightness, reduce color, or even melt chips ... also due to this radiator. Usually the COB LED has a large radiator - very large (depending on the designer & manufacturer will produce different heat dissipation models) - depending on the capacity of the lamp will have different radiators. Quality aluminum made This radiator is very important, if you use aluminum often to make a radiator, the heat transfer capacity is slow and long => Chip deteriorates quickly. But if you use Die-cast Aluminum to make a radiator, it will help heat emit faster, better heat conduction => help make Chip more durable.

SS017 LED Street Lights 50W

The special feature of this luminaire is that the radiator is also the body that makes up the shape of the lamp set, the whole body is designed with cast aluminum and shaped like a leaf with many tendons, slits The purpose is to increase the contact surface of the aluminum surface with air to heat the environment faster.

 - Diaphragm storage box: The ballast box of this luminaire is designed right on the lamp body, this box has a waterproofing standard IP65, with waterproof silicone rims surrounded by the box to prevent the ballast box from being affected. Permeable or impervious when operating under outdoor environments.


 - Connector: This is the part connected to the lamp post which is no less important in the installation process. If the connection is not sufficiently stable, it will be very dangerous during use. With AMBEE road light products, the diameter of the connecting hole is 60 mm, the screw is made of stainless steel to prevent rust during use outside of rain and sunshine.

SS017 LED Street Lights 50W


*Product Advantages and Benefits:

- LED Street Light AMBEE LD203 is designed simple, beautiful and sharp model. This product is mainly used in outdoor public lighting systems such as internal roads in industrial parks, premises around factories, factories ... are usually installed in quite high position , difficult to install. Using this light will reduce the invisible costs during operation such as: operating and maintenance costs (for non-quality products, the replacement is very time consuming and labor intensive). In addition, other benefits of LED street light include:

- AMBEE LED Street Lights save up to 60% compared to traditional Metal Halide or Sodium Street Lights (50W LED street light can replace 120W Metal Lamp, same brightness and installation height)

saving 60% of electricity

- The lifetime of the AMBEE street LEDs is 50,000 hours (2-3 years warranty), while Metal or Sodium lamps last 8,000-12,000 hours. Thus, street light LEDs are 4 times more durable than Sodium - Metal street light.


- The brightness of street lights is much brighter than the metal halide lamps. The illumination and lumens of the 50W LED can replace the traditional 120W metal lamp. Street light LEDs have a wide and uniform light distribution, while 120W metal lamps, when illuminated, focus on one point in the middle, the light surrounding the edge is weak => the interference between the two lights is not guaranteed. Brightness for the area to be illuminated.

- The street light of the AMBEE street light with 85% color rendering is good for the eyes as well as the illumination of the area, which ensures a safer traffic compared to street light using metal or metal. Traditional Sodium.

 3. Application:

- With the development of the economy, accompanied by the development of the city's transport infrastructure system, transportation systems in large industrial parks are being developed rapidly. The application of LED lighting technology to public transportation system should be accelerated and strong.

- Illuminate the internal road system in the industrial zone

- Lighting around factory premises, factories, companies

- Lighting public transportation systems such as highways, highways, roads in the city.

Commitment of AMBEE:

Free consulting design solutions for energy saving lighting.

- AMBEE is always ready to support free consultation and design to ensure the use of light sources effectively, saving maximum energy for your projects.

100% product trial cost support:

- Lending trial products, test samples from 1 to 3 months. Customers do not have to pay any costs.

Support shipping costs

- Free transport in the city. HCM within 10km

Free suburban transportation if purchased over 200 sets

After sales policy:

- Check the product periodically at the factory.

- Warranty 3-5 years depending on the product. Only AMBEE products will be sold during the warranty period will enjoy the company's warranty policy.

If you have demand for AMBEE SS017 LED Street Light please contact the following hotline for advice: 0909.780.108

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