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SS202 - LED Highbay

SS202 - LED Highbay

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Technical Specifications LED Highbay SS202:

Structure Of LED HIGHBAY SS202:

1. Chip LED :

2. Radiators :

3. Packing Box :

4. Driver :

5. Headlight :

6. Protective glasses : 

*Advantages and benefits of LED highbay SS202 AMBEE :

1. Save up to 60% power compared to traditional high pressure Metal halide or Sodium lamps.

2.Long life: SS202 AMBEE factory LED lamps have a lifespan of 50,000 hours while traditional high-voltage lamps last only 8,000 ~ 12,000 hours.

3. Factory LED lamps have better lighting capacity than high-pressure metal halide and sodium traditional lamps, with a wide and uniform light distribution density.
Honest lighting with Ra> 85 color recognition should be good for the eyes, ensuring more accurate product color identification.

4.SS202 AMBEE factory LED does not emit UV, ultraviolet rays, reusable, friendly and environmental protection materials.

*Application of LED Home Lights SS202 AMBEE:

*Some Typical Projects AMBEE Deployed SS202 Factory LED Lights:

Fashion Garment Company in Dong Nai. 

Nutifood Company in Binh Duong:

Acecook Company in Ho Chi Minh City: 

With a great product line with many advantages like this, what are you waiting for, please quickly call the hotline: 0909.780.108 to be consulted and try it right away for the factory, home My workshop !!!

AMBEE's commitment:
Free advice on designing energy saving lighting solutions.

- AMBEE is always ready to provide free advice and design to ensure efficient use of light sources, maximum energy savings for customers' projects.

Support 100% of product trial costs:

- Loan the trial product, test sample from 1-3 months. Customers will not pay any cost.

Support shipping costs:

- Free transport of inner city HCM within 10km

- Free shipping for suburban areas if buying more than 200 sets

After-sales policy:

- Check products periodically at the factory.

- Warranty from 3-5 years depending on the product. As long as AMBEE products are sold during the warranty period, they will enjoy the company's warranty policy.

Customers who have demand for LED product line of SS202 factory of AMBEE, please contact the following hotline number for advice: 0909.780.108

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