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SS223 - LED high-bay

SS223 - LED high-bay

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* Technical Specifications LED Highbay SS223 AMBEE:

Electrical Specifications
Voltage220V / 50Hz
Power factor> 0.9
Life expectancy50,000h
Optical parameters
Luminous flux12,000 Lm
Color temperature2700K-6500K
Color rendering> 85Ra
Angle of light≥80 degrees
Working temperature-20 ° C _ 50 ° C
Geometric Parameters
SizeΦ490x288 mm (DxL)
MaterialStatic powder coated box, aluminum oxide body
Number of LED chips360 Chip 2835-0.5W
Level of protectionIP65
Guarantee2 years

* Product structure:  

As in the sharing of other LEDs, each model will have a different structure with different features. Here, AMBEE would like to share the details of the structure of the best selling light now: 

LED Chip : LED highbay uses high performance 2835 SMD LED chip (Philips LED Chip), this type of specialized chip for high power LED, longevity of type This chip is better than the COB LED chip. Each COB chip has a capacity of 50W, so the heat radiated locally. If the heat dissipation is not good, the LED chip will lose its brightness and reduce the color very quickly, if the COB chip is not good can cause chip flow. Meanwhile, the 2835 SMD chip (philips) distributes the same power to each chip and the heat dissipation on the surface => no local heat => longer lamp life, more light spread and especially without reducing light and fast color.

The number of AMBEE highbay LED chips varies by power level as follows: 
+ 288 chips for power levels of 50W, 80W and 100W (2835 SMD of Philips). 
+ 360 chips for a power of 120W (Philips 2835 SMD chip). 
+ 480 chips for the 150W (2835 SMD chip from Philips). 
+ 203 chips for power 200W (type 3030 chip from Philips)

That is why many AMBEE chips have a longer life expectancy than highbay LEDs of the same or different types.

- AMBEE Highbay LED Radiator : The radiator is made from high quality cast aluminum with serrated grooves - the LED chip will be captured by AMBEE with a heat sink and heat sink. , to help the heat of the LED chip is spread out the fastest air, while making the lamp with a beautiful design as the surrounding petals, creating the beauty of the highbay LED lights.  

- Highbay LED Lights AMBEE: Luminaires have many different types with different illumination angles and sizes. The purpose of the LED hanging light fixture is to help gather light to illuminate the underlying light. However, because the LED chip allocates most of the light on a surface and the projection angle is usually concentrated underneath, so the light beam is mainly for the aesthetics and preferences of each investor. We have UFO lights without the need for a light fixture, which makes the installation as well as the weight of the lamp lighter ... but still guarantees quality as well as brightness commitment.

- Tempered glass : Tempered glass has many different types (glass and glass). The purpose of frosted glass is to place it in a low position and the worker must look upwards, and the glass reduces the glare of the light when the highbay LED works, helping the worker to operate correctly and without harm. eye. In addition, we have two types of glasses: small chip protector and large chip protective glasses.  

Small LED chip protector: This glass is attached to the LED chip inside the lamp, which makes the lamp lighter. Typically used in dusty workshops and high installation.

Large Type LED Glass Enclosure : This glass is usually mounted in the perimeter of the light fixture, which is the same size as the diameter of the latch. It is held in the ears (batch) with stainless steel 304 and roving layer (rubber pad). The purpose of glass is to protect LED chips from being hit by other objects, preventing water and dust. They are often used in dusty workplaces, which make it easy to clean the lights during use.

- Box: Aluminum die-cast structure and roving protection against water and dust, which protects against weathering (water and dust). In addition, the container is a place to hang hooks, so the box is designed and manufactured very firmly to withstand the weight of 4-5kg under the lamp, withstand for many years.  

- Highbay LED (LED factory): This is the second important part of the LED, it helps the LED chip operation is stable, no interference. In addition, the life of the LED chip is also dependent on the power supply. Therefore, in the market today, the same lamp pattern, but the price and quality are different.

The main purpose of the power supply is to convert the power consumption of 220V (alternating current) into 12VDC or 24VDC (one-way) power supply to the LED chip.

Case of aluminum power supply. The casing of the casing is intended to protect the electronic components inside the casing, to prevent leakage, to prevent dust and moisture from entering the circuit board. With high power lights, the shell is also very important, it helps the electronic components when operating can heat quickly. Helps extend the life of highbay LEDs.  

* Advantages and benefits LED factory lights AMBEE:

LED highbay AMBEE was designed simple, beautiful and sharp model. Highbay AMBEE LEDs are mainly used in warehouses, workshops with many machines and difficult installation. It minimizes invisible costs during operation such as: operating and maintenance costs (for non-quality products, the replacement is time consuming and labor intensive). In addition, other benefits of highbay LEDs include:  

- Highbay AMBEE LEDs save up to 60% compared to conventional Metal Halide or Sodium Lamps (150W highbay LED can replace 400W Metal Lamp, same brightness and installation height). 

The life span of the AMBEE LED factory lights up to 50,000 hours (3-5 years warranty), while Metal or Sodium lamps last from 8,000-12,000 hours. Thus, highbay LEDs are 4 times more durable than highbay metal lamps.  

- The brightness of highbay LEDs (hangings) is much brighter than metal halide lamps. The illumination and lumens of the 120W LED can replace the traditional 300W Metal Lamp. Highbay LEDs have a wide and uniform light distribution, while the 300W metal lamps, when illuminated, focus on one point in the middle, the surrounding light is very weak => interference between the two lights is not guaranteed. Brightness works for the whole factory.  

  - The highbay AMBEE LED's with the color rendering of Ra> 85 are very good for the eyes of staff who work continuously at the factory (anti-eyelid at work) and ensure the color Product is more accurate than traditional Metal or Sodium lamps.  

- Highbay AMBEE LEDs do not emit ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays and light materials that are recyclable, user friendly and environmentally friendly.

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