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T5 Fluorescent Lamps Explosion Proof IP65 Double 1M2/2X28W

T5 Fluorescent Lamps Explosion Proof IP65 Double 1M2/2X28W

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  • Free: consulting on designing energy saving lighting solutions.
  • Free: 100% of the cost of the product trial.
  • Free: City shipping. HCM within 10km.
  • Free: Suburban shipping with purchase of more than 200 sets
  • Warranty: from 3 to 5 years depending on the product
  • Maintenance: Periodic product inspection at the factory every 3 - 6 months.

Specifications T5 Fluorescent Lamps Explosion Proof IP65:

- Voltage: 220-240V

- Nominal power: 28W

- The color: 2700K-6500K

- Working Temperature: -20 ° - + 50 °

- Lamp Life:> 50,000h

- Power Factor:> 0.95

- Materials: Body aluminum alloy steel, heat-resistant glass lid and protect the steel ring around the cap (see picture)

- Warranty: 2 years Modular

- Made In: AMBEE-VN

Advantages And Benefits:

- Safe for people and property owners always factories - top concern now. Especially fire prevention problem is the extremely important in protecting corporate assets to ensure the safety and health of workers. Foreseeing this urgent matter should AMBEE have launched the T5 fluorescent Lamp explosion proof IP65.

- The T5 Fluorescent lamps explosion proof IP65 AMBEE specially designed lamp body is made of a special aluminum alloy and powder coated, high-temperature-resistant features, fireproof and insulated very well.

- Wrap the outer layer of heat-tempered glass has very good heat resistance, combined with the outer protective layer of mesh is made of steel makes the luminaire is protected safely from the moving objects moving around.

- Especially as the explosion-proof T5 fluorescent lamp IP65 AMBEE power-saving feature, the light bulbs used super power saving T5 lamp life so highly about 50,000 hours of operation and can be more saving up to 80% energy use.

- Factor environmentally friendly AMBEE always top priority, so that all the products are very friendly AMBEE environment and suite of products, explosion-proof T5 fluorescent lamp IP65 product line is also very friendly environment used by T5 fluorsent lamp mercury or lead. Use AMBEE products is you are contributing to the protection of their habitats increasingly greener, cleaner and fresher.


- T5 fluorescent Lamps explosion-proof IP65 design and its special structure should be very suitable for use in environmental industries such as warehouse, petroleum, natural gas production, potentially explosive areas in warehouses, factories, petrol stations, factories producing alcohol, timber production factory ...

- T5 fluorescent lamp explosion-proof IP65 is designed to make sure safety, superior aesthetics, heat resistant and explosion-proof when the incident, satisfy the conditions and criteria set by the agencies of fire prevention explosion made, the lamp is the best choice for businesses in need.


- With special design and maneuverability, the explosion proof T5 fluoresent lamp very convenient for installation and maintenance repairs.

After-sales Services:

- Warranty 2 years

- Free shipping in the inner city within 10km

- Free shipping in the suburbs with the number 200 ball

- Free consultation on measures to save and to invest savings plan

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