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TD07 - LED Flood Light 300W, 400W, 500W

TD07 - LED Flood Light 300W, 400W, 500W

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*Technical Specifications LED Flood Light TD07 AMBEE:

*Product Description:

The AMBEE TD07 LED Flood Light is manufactured with energy-saving super-bright LED technology, which represents the breakthrough of LED technology for high brightness, long life.

*Benefit LED Flood Light TD07 AMBEE:

- Energy saving up to 80% compared to the old lamps, replacing the lamp metal, sodium, halogen ....

- Extremely high luminous efficiency, long life.

- The latest light emitting diode LED technology.

- Electrostatic aluminum alloy body, waterproof with rubber rugs to ensure the lamp works in almost all weather conditions.

- Advanced heat dissipation technology, designed for high-grade materials against rust when working outdoors.

* LED Flood Light TD07 AMBEE:

- 80% energy savings, powerful and efficient heat sink, lamp life up to 50,000 hours.

- Tempered glass sheet 4mm thick to protect the light source, the transparency rate up to 93%.

- The lamp is covered with high-grade powder coating, excellent anti-corrosion.

- Stainless steel parts, corrosion protection of air, water, acid, alkali, salt and other materials, can be used in all kinds of extreme conditions for long.

* Application of the product:

LED Flood Light with outstanding advantages should be applied in a variety of different environments:

- Lighting of seaport, dock ...

- Advertising boards, lighting of warehouses, workshops ...

- Illumination of stadiums, squares, stadiums ...

* Commitment:

- 2 year warranty

- Free transportation in Ho Chi Minh City within 10km.

- Free shipping in the suburbs with over 200 balloons.

- Free consultancy on saving solutions and investment saving plan.

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