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Tube LED T8 SMD2835 1m2/18W

Tube LED T8 SMD2835 1m2/18W

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Technical Specifications LED Tube T8 Type 18W / 1.2m SMD 2835 Chip:

Electrical Specifications




85-265V / 50-60Hz

Power factor

> 0.95

Life expectancy


Optical parameters

Luminous flux

110-120Lm / W

Color temperature



> 80Ra

Geometric Parameters


1200x26 (mm)

(length x diameter)

LED chip

2835 SMD high performance

Number of LED chips

96 Chip inside


Oxidized aluminum alloy, mica cap


2 years



* Structure of the lamp   T8 Tube Type 18W / 1.2m SMD 2835 Chip: 

LED Chip : Two LEDs use 2835 SMD LED chip, with LED chip counts up to 48 chips (0.6m) and 96 chips (1.2m), respectively. 9W and 18W.

Power supply : This is the second most important part of the LED, it makes the lamp work smoothly, no interference, the frequency of the light emitted or the noise is also due to the source. In addition, the life of the LED chip is also dependent on the power supply. Therefore, in the market today, the same lamp pattern, but the price and quality are different. The main purpose of the power supply is to convert the power consumption of 220V (alternating current) into 12VDC or 24VDC (one-way) power supply to the LED chip.

Radiator sheath : The third important part is the sheath. Aluminum sheathed aluminum sheathing is good for heat conduction, so the manufacturer uses aluminum for heat dissipation for most industries such as: When the lamp is operating, it generates a large amount of heat. In order to extend the life of the lamp, the manufacturer must use an aluminum layer to allow the heat to emit rapidly through the aluminum layer and spread to the side. In addition, the wind in the air cooled this aluminum layer and help to extend the life of the LED chip. There are many types of LED lamps in the market, with different models and materials such as aluminum, plastic, glass ... and the price of two types of plastic and glass is very low. Part of the cost of these materials is inexpensive and the product life cycle is short (life expectancy is low) => the selling price varies from 40,000 to 80,000 per tree. In continuous light and in industrial environment, these lamps are very light, brightness decreases after 6 months and continuous fire after 1-2 years.

- Mica cap: Mica cap of the lamp has two types (lid and opaque cover). AMBEE has both types to meet different customer needs. Its purpose is to protect the LED chip from dust, water and insects entering the lamp. The opaque mica cover also helps to reduce the glare of the LED chip when the eye is looking directly (which causes pain and eyestrain). Separate internal mica for mounting in remote and high positions to help optimize the brightness for the working environment.

Pin Head : AMBEE has designed two different types of pins.

Fixed pin head: only suitable for some lights.

The angle of rotation is 30, 60, 90 and 180 degrees, aiming to make the lamp suitable for all types of old and new troughs in the market.

* Advantages and Benefits LED T8 Tube AMBEE:

- The lighting industry has spent more than 120 years developing from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs of all kinds and then for the first simple display leds. In light of the growing trend of technology and towards being friendly and protecting the environment, the advent of LED lighting technology is indeed revolutionizing today's lighting technology. Capturing the latest technological trends in the AMBEE lighting industry, the T8 18W / 1.2m AMBEE LED bulb uses high-performance SMD 2835 chips for high light performance and good life.

- The first point to mention is the ability to save electricity, AMBEE type led lamp saves up to 60% compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. AMBEE leds have a power output of only 18W while traditional T8 / T10 fluorescent lamps (36W or 40W). This is the most important benefit that many people care about, it helps households, factories ... save tens, hundreds of million per month.

- Next up is the AMBEE LED life of up to 50,000 hours. Meanwhile, traditional fluorescent lamps T8 / T10 life span from 6,000-8,000 hours. LED tubes are 5 times longer than fluorescent T8 / T10 lamps. This is great because it helps families and factories reduce the cost of reinvestment in the future. Reduce invisible costs (replacement, repair ...).

- The third benefit of the AMBEE type LEDs is that it's many times brighter than conventional lamps. The brightness of the lamps makes it possible for households, restaurants, companies, factories to reduce the number of lamps in the past. For example, in the past, my house had to attach two sets of T10 (40W / shade) double lamps in the guest room, now only two LEDs 18W matched each other, with only two lights, but the brightness was equal to 4 old 40W lights. If used in garment factories or leather shoes, the company can save a lot of electricity and also reduce the amount of light.

Besides, the light of the LED light emits no harm to the eyes and does not cause eyestrain. You can see the phone switches to the camera mode and then close the LED bulb and the fluorescent light will see on the screen light on one side flashing, one side is very smooth. This problem is not seen by the naked eye, but with the aid of a newly discovered device.

- Ambee tube lamps do not emit ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays and light materials that are reusable, friendly and environmentally friendly.

We are currently supplying this type of lights to factories, factories in Japan, Korea and Taiwan such as: Nike Shoes Group, TAEKWANG VINA, NECTOKIN ...

* Application of T8 Tube Type AMBEE:

>>> T8 AMBEE LED lamps are suitable for use in dry areas, limiting outdoor lighting or high humidity.

>>> Best lighting in all places:

- Lighting residential buildings, houses.

- Lighting the office, meeting room.

- School lighting, library.

- Lighting factory, factory.

- Hotel lighting, parking garage.

- Illuminate the hospital, supermarket or trade center.

* Installation instructions for LED lights:

1. Install new type of led type leds:

- Before installation, we need to have: light fixture, led tube light, a set of installation tools including: concrete drill, screw, hatch, electric wire, electric tester, pliers, small knife, screwdriver.

- Remove the gutter cover, locate the lights and then use the drill to fix the position needed, then fix the light fixture with daggers and screws.

- Wire connection inside the trough:

+ Turn off the power.

+ Double wire goes into the trough, we just need to split the wire, one end of the wire is attached to this side of the trough (head 1 & 2: serial), the other end connected to the other (head 3 & 4: more). Then attach the bulb to the trough and turn on the power for normal use.


2. Replace fluorescent bulbs with led type tubes:

There are two ways to replace fluorescent bulbs with LEDs:

- Fluorescent lamps (power supply), ie lights are used starter start (mouse).

- Fluorescent lamps are used (electronic power supply), this lamp does not use the mouse.

Installation method:

- Mechanical fluorescents:

+ Step 1: Turn off the power.

+ Step 2: Remove the mouse (starter) from the trough.

Step 3: Remove the fluorescent lamp and replace the AMBEE LED bulb.

+ Step 4: Turn on the power and use.

- Electronic fluorescent lamps:

+ Step 1: Turn off the power.

+ Step 2: Remove the electronic paper.

+ Step 3: Reconnect the wire, this section you pay attention. After cutting off the cord, the cord inside the lamp, you just need to separate the power cord, one end to the side and the other end to the end (see attached picture). Go to this install section similar to the new lamp set.

+ Step 4: Power on and use.

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