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LED Round Ceiling 6w
LED Round Ceiling 6w
LED Round Ceiling 6w

LED Round Ceiling 6w

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  • Free: consulting on designing energy saving lighting solutions.
  • Free: 100% of the cost of the product trial.
  • Free: City shipping. HCM within 10km.
  • Free: Suburban shipping with purchase of more than 200 sets
  • Warranty: from 3 to 5 years depending on the product
  • Maintenance: Periodic product inspection at the factory every 3 - 6 months.

*Product Specification:

LED Round Ceiling 6w

*Benefit Of LED:

 1.Environmentally friendly – No mercury or lead and no ultraviolet and infrared rays.

 2.Long life over 50.000 hours, saving enery up to 80%.

 3.No noise and no flicker.

 4.Less heating phenomenon.

 5.Voltage adjustable. 

 6.Solid-state and vibration-resistant for safety.

*Application Of LED:

- AMBEE LED super power saving ceiling used to mount lighting ceiling and interior decoration.

- Led ceiling lamp is the optimal solution for space lighting in the living room, kitchen, living room, work room, in the hotel or apartment ...

*Installation Instructions:

- Step 1: For use plasterboard ceiling, then drill a small hole to always wires, bare concrete with wire, there were waiting at the location to be installed.

- Step 2: Using the screw fixed bracket ceiling lights in the face for sure.

- STEP 3: Connect the power cord into the power cord level (Driver) of the luminaire.

- Step 4: Attach the lights to fit in the rack, complete the installation is complete open the light switch to test and operate the brightness of the lamp is finished.

- When construction and installation should carefully check the power supply to ensure safety. Do not install the lights in places where is no splashing or high humidity.


- Free counseling lighting solutions save energy.

- Free survey of energy usage in the home, restaurants, hotels ...

- Free counseling energy systems, high precision.

- 1 For 1, in warranty period.

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